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 Documenting these memories for future generations is an invaluable treasure for all families. Our senior interviews are created using documentary style shooting. We use professional cameras, lighting, and audio  leaving a light footprint. It allows us to set up virtually anywhere. We can travel to your home, office, or even assisted living home. Our 4k video cameras make your footage future proof, you'll be able to play these videos for decades to come. You can request 4k during pre-production.


  • 1 senior

  • 2 hour interview

  • 1 hour film.

  • 1 location


 Enjoy the story of hearing how your grandparents first met. Learn more about each of their family's history. Learn about your parents and his or her brothers and sisters. Our Couples Heritage Story is all about detailing the life of your grandparents since childhood.

  • 90 minute interviews with each grandparent 

  • 1 hour film 

  • 1 location


Listen to the stories of your grandparent and their siblings as they recall their childhood upbringing and learn more about your great grandparents you never got to meet. Our Sibling Heritage Story is great for documenting the history of the remaining elders in your family.


  • 1 hour interviews with each sibling.

  • 3 hour film

  • Up to 3 locations



Want to gain a bigger picture of what it was like for your parents and siblings growing up? Want to leave those memories for future generations? The Family Heritage Story is our top pick and perfect for documenting the history of your family's 1st and 2nd generations.


  • 90 minute interviews with each parent and child.

  • 3 hour film

  • up to 3 locations


Catalog your families life starting with the oldest members of the family and their siblings and document the family tree all the way down to the grandchildren. Crossing over 3 generations of families. This enables the family history to be spread with a wide paint brush as various family members from different generations recall their families history.  Each family will receive their very own volume to add to the collection. The Legacy Heritage Story Includes a collection of stories and history from 3 generations of your family's lineage that can only be told through documentary filmmaking.

  • Up to 15 people interviewed. 

  • 5 hours of film

  • Up to 5 locations

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